Information for Parents

Drug and Alcohol Information 101

The world of underage drinking and illicit drug use is always evolving and changing. Below are some links that aim to help and keep parents up to date on the law, types of drugs being used, recent trends, and slang terms. This is all key information that you can use to join the fight against underage drinking and illicit drug use in order to allow our youth to grow up in a safe and healthy environment.

What does the law say? 

You want to keep your child safe, but did you know that parents who make a choice to provide alcohol in the "safety" of their own home are also breaking the law.  >Read More

Types of Drugs & Their Use

Today's drugs are not the same as what was being used back in the day.  Many drugs are now designed to be stronger than what was previously out there. >Read More

Recent Trends

What are we seeing in Rochester?  What types of drugs are kids on who end up in the ER, in automobile accidents or committing crimes in the community.  The answer may surprise you. >Read More

Slang Terms

"Candy", "Rainbow", Speedball" the terms may seem fun, innocent and healthy but do you know what your teens are really talking about.  Between Texting and Facebook there are often hidden messages that you may not see if you aren't keeping up with today's slang. >Read More