Information for Local Merchants

How your business makes a difference

We often hear, "We don't sell alcohol in our store," or "We don't market to youth,"  "So, why should we care about alcohol and drug prevention?"


Local businesses support a community message of being drug free.

The answer is simple, you are a member of our community.  Even if you don't sell alcohol or tobacco products in your store or your primary customers are adults, your business is still impacted by the culture of our community.  Everyone from restaurant and convenience store owners to insurance sales, lawyers and financial consultants are impacted by what happens in Rochester. 

There are simple ways to promote a healthier Rochester community that take little time and effort on your part.  Read more>>>

For folks who want to get more involved and give their time and talents to making a difference, Bridging the Gaps is always looking for new members in the coalition and on the Board of Directors.  Read more>>>

Like all non-profits and community organizations, we can only do what we do with the support of the community.  For information on making a donation...  Read more>>>