Bridging the Gaps

The Rochester Community Coalition for Alcohol and Drug Prevention
23 Wakefield St, Rochester, NH 03867
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Our Coalition is made up of individuals dedicated to informing our community about the real and present dangers of drugs and alcohol, providing parents with resources and knowledge to prevent, intervene and /or seek treatment for substance use and bridging the gaps in existing services so that comprehensive strategies can be used in providing quality prevention, intervention and treatment services for our youth locally. 

We have come together from many different backgrounds and interests with one goal in mind - to foster the positive growth of the children in our community by reducing substance use and abuse by our youth.  We recognize the value of raising healthy children and the importance of actively promoting services that support parents in their efforts to keep their children drug free. We also recognize that this results in a safer and healthier community for everyone.

Our community has a wealth of resources and programs to serve our children and their families but there is no cohesive means of accessing these services, especially in a crisis, nor of informing parents of their value in preventing drug use by their children. Our intent is to strengthen and enhance services while striving to fill the gaps with effective prevention, intervention and treatment resources.

We also believe the support of the entire community is crucial to the success of the coalition and encourage everyone who has an interest in strengthening our community to join us in this effort. Parents, professionals, teachers, religious leaders, merchants and youth all have a voice and role that is unique and critical for our success. Your support will make the difference and give all of our youth the positive influence necessary to grow into healthy and productive adults.  This is a community endeavor.

We are the community; we are YOU!  Togetherů We Can Bridge the Gaps!

Parents are the first line of defense
in preventing our youth from engaging in risky behaviors such as substance abuse.
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Youth are empowered
to educate their peers about the realities of alcohol and drug use and how to make healthier choices.
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Coalition - As a community we work together to reduce substance use, strengthen and create a healthier future of our children.
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Local Merchants / Businesses
send a message to our youth that we care through not selling to minors and promoting responsible choices.
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Bridging the Gaps NH!

We work to promote a healthier Rochester Community by eliminating substance abuse and underage drinking.

To engage our entire community in bridging the gaps in prevention, intervention and treatment services for our youth and families.
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